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Related post: Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 12:16:25 EDT From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi 23Randi XXIII, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now. . .Randi XXIII - Foreign AffairsI was still yawning and stretching from another long redeye flight as I fired up my laptop to check in with family and friends. Foot traffic was slow at 1AM in the private flights lounge at Linbergh Field at the San Diego International Airport. I had flown the redeye to a stopover in San Diego, to meet up with our West Coast executives for a private flight directly to Acapulco for a conference with our Asian Rim executive staff. More such trips were going to be in my future, sad to say, since I was becoming heavily involved with the International sectors of our business since my promotion. Unfortunately, I had been unable to come up with a reason to include my daughter on this trip. No clients, just company business. So, I had had to put up with the usual foot-stomping and tantrums, but, in the end, Mommy had prevailed.I made certain to respond to a host of emails from some of my closest Internet friends. Carla, Magic, Sue, Jeff. And, Linda. Dear, darling Linda, leaving for her drive to her new home in Ohio this morning, frightened to death of the new. I and my friends shall be at her beck and call and she knows it. And, she is already loved by her new staff.At exactly 1:45AM, I heard the call that our chartered jet had landed and would be ready for boarding in about 30 minutes. I loaded my Thinkpad back into my briefcase and made my way to the ladies room for a last minute tinkle. Afterward, I stood before the mirror and snickered at my reflection. I looked like a damn vanilla ice cream sandwich, for God's sake. All white! Damn! Never my style. Well, we shall take care of that in Acapulco. Especially the topless sections tenn model nude of the beach. As I returned to the private passengers' lounge, I was met by the accumulating West Coast executives, eleven in number, all sizes, shapes, sexes, sexual orientations and intellects. Most were top drawer. Some, unfortunately, were not. Part of my new responsibilities as Chief Information Officer was to evaluate the executive and managerial nonude lalana model talent of the firm. Obviously, my powers of observation would be put to a great test this week and for the next several.I strapped my laptop and briefcase to my rolling cart and walked to the entrance ramp to wait. I passed out requisite hugs and good cheers, my legendary propensity for putting people at ease in full form. (Yes!) littles girls model I have always made a particularly concerted effort to work well with the people in the company, keeping my personal feelings very well hidden. Now, I was working on a much teen model alla higher level, dealing with corporate boardroom types. Now, each word, each glance, each touch could be the difference between success and failure. People on this level look for each nuance to gather ammunition for their war games and to decipher myanmar model girl other's intent.I can and will play their games with them. As a matter of fact, I can play them with the best of them. My own plans, however, along with Ryan's, include three phases: Salary and investments, stock options and early retirement into private international model tasha bikinis consulting and writing the many, many books we've both planned, both technical and novels. And, perhaps, at last, cathartic release about our past experiences, experiences we've both kept hidden for so long. But, hey! Enough moralizing. Get to the good stuff. Right?As the plane landed in Acapulco, we followed our luggage through a hastily created separate customs evaluation section in the private portion of the airport. Luckily, I was spared the embarrassment of hands rifling through my panties and other, more private goodies. Soon, the limousine arrived to whisk the first group of us to the reception area of the Villas of Acapulco. As I approached the desk, I was a bit startled to find a beautiful, sensual Mexican woman, her thick black hair tightly wrapped around her face, smiling in immediate recognition. "Good morning, Ms. Hilliard. Welcome to the Villas of Acapulco," the beautiful woman offered, her bright, gleaming teeth flashing like Wonder Woman as she held out a sleek, strong hand. I accepted the proffered hand, warm, a tingling that quickly spread up my arm."Good Morning, Alexia," I responded, noting her Assistant Manager's badge over her left breast. "Have we met, Alexia? You'll have to excuse me. Functioning well at 3:30AM is not my youngs girl models forte," I asked."It hasn't yet been my pleasure, Ms. Hilliard, but, this came for me only moments before your limo drove up," she smiled, handing chid ls model me a printed form letter. Good old Irish! The dark she-devil had attached a photo of me to an email to the hotel manager along with specific instructions for taking care of this special guest's needs.Poor Irish! She had been scheduled to accompany me on this trip. japnese teen models Her Mother's sudden broken hip had changed all that and it had also caused me to have to promise to include her on my next international trip. Little did she know that she was already scheduled to accompany me in October to Paris! She would die if she knew that, so don't tell her. Shhh!Stepping from behind the reservations counter, Alexia quickly motioned for the bellhop to follow us outside the open air reservations area. A jitney was waiting for us and we climbed in, little model videos Alexia behind the wheel, waiting for the bellhop to load my luggage into the back. I watched, quizzically, as he made a series of faces while he worked. I would soon understand why."Your aide has requested the Villa Vista Grande for you, Ms. Hilliard. Actually, desiree anderson model it has accommodations for ten, but I think you will enjoy it. It's our most beautiful accommodation. It's high, high above the Las Brisas villas. It has the most breathtaking view of Acapulco Bay. I hope you'll like it," her sultry voice, balanced against her beautiful accent, was so soothing,"I'm certain I will, Alexia," I said, watching her long legs uncross beneath her very, very short skirt as the last of the luggage was loaded and the bellhop safely settled aboard. The very, very pained grimace on the young man's face as he saw who had taken the wheel was soon understood as, with a horrendous squeal of spinning tires, we were underway, speeding our way through the many paved roadways that crisscrossed the hotel campus. The bellhop clung to the crossbar for dear life as we sped into the blackness, Alexia obviously taking the opportunity to let her race car driver instincts take over. At least until we arrived, with a sudden jolt, at the entrance to a magnificent villa, pure white tones everywhere."Your company has reserved the best of our private villas for you, Ms. Hilliard. I hope you like it," Alexia said, her voice low and seductive, her eyes mere slits at the moment. She vaulted quickly from the jitney and took the steps two at a time adult picture model to a great entrance portico. She unlocked the door and led me inside, turning on the lights, and signaling the harried young man to bring in the luggage. As she crossed the great room to open the drapes, I took the moment to look around. The place was huge! Ceilings easily 25 foot high, a large, circular stairwell wended its way to an open second floor bedroom that overlooked the great room and its wet bar and giant fireplace. A separate kitchen was off to the right tiny models nonnude and another large bath. Further down the hall were more bedrooms. Oh, Irish! I am certain to hear about the cost of this place from the accountants! Oh, well. What the hell. I'm fucking worth it.I followed Alexia to the floor-to-ceiling wall of glass and watched her open the sliders to the deck. I stepped out once again into the sultry evening warmth, teen13 nude model feeling the soft ocean breeze and salty spray play against my face. A set of stairs led to a private pool. And, below, the breathtaking, magnificent sight of Acapulco Bay, framing a giant moon and myriad stars. Absolutely mind numbing in its beauty."Well, you like?" Her voice seemed to have changed in pitch now, her eyes flashing. "I very much model little like, Alexia," I said, my eyes meeting hers, our recognition finnish nude model now complete. "Perhaps we can have a drink together during my stay," I whispered, my fingers touching the cinnamon colored back of her hand."I would like that very much, M'am," Alexia said, her eyes promising many, many warm experiences. But, M'am?Later, when I was alone, I unpacked my clothes and hung them in the closet. I set prteen models art up my second laptop, my semi-desktop unit, and booted up. While it was spinning its babe black model way to life, I stripped naked, letting my clothes fall where they may, and walked down the winding stairs to the great room. I luxuriated in the feel of the cold marble tiles against my naked feet, watching the full moon, its brilliance underwear model bread flooded the room as I opened the sliders and strode, naked onto the deck.Luxuriating in the feel of the breeze against my body, I walked to the railing, closed my eyes and smelled the wonderful clear air, filling my lungs, my breast expanding. Letting my mind wander, I thought of all the wonderful things that had happened to me during the past years and, looking up to the sky, I wondered why. Why me? bondage model hollywood Before I met Ryan, I could never have even imagined that I would be standing here, surrounded by the most outrageous luxury. A top executive position with a wonderful company, three wonderful little girls. And, Ryan. Gorgeous, kind, empathic, understanding and exciting Ryan. And, my friends. So much to be thankful for, I felt almost guilty accepting it all. Not that I was willing to give any of it up, damn it. But, sometimes I wondered.I could almost hear the popping sound that my nipples subliminally made as they suddenly hardened and popped out. Gingerly, I walked down the stairs to the edge of the pool and sat on the edge, letting my feet dangle in the water. I let the gentle breeze move my hair about my face, feeling the strands tickle my naked flesh.I slid easily into the water, letting the coolness splash against my breasts, my nipples finalizing their hardening at its touch. I floated on my back, my head resting on the floating plastic ring, letting my hair splay out across the surface of the water, feeling the occasional flower petals that had been strewn across the water tickle my cheeks. Paradise. Missing Ryan. Missing my friends. A bit of melancholy, perhaps, as my fingers found their inevitable way between my thighs. My fingers teased my erect clitoris, opening the petals of my cunt, letting the waters slide into me, teasing me, lapping at me like a woman's tongue. I moaned, confident that I would not be heard, not really caring anyway, letting myself enjoy the feel of the unseen tongue of my lover. My buttocks clenched, unclenched, open and closed, teasing myself at the feeling of the coldness gabysexymodel against my nether opening.My legs spread wider, as my hands increased their pressure, my clittie hardening and swelling under my touch, my mind filled with scenes of Irish, Carla, Magic, Sue, Cleo, Samantha. Ryan. All of them at once, surrounding my body in the pool, their arms beneath me, sustaining me, their faces dipping to partake of my body. Cleo's lips at my breast, the other held sway by Carla. My tummy, kissed and licked by Irish, Magic, Sue. Samantha, her fiery green eyes flashing, her sultry smile blazing as she lowered her lips to my cunt.And, Ryan. His cock bobbing on the water as he approached my face. My mouth opened as Cleo took hold of his enormous erection, her strong, black hands caressing his phallus and balls, bringing it closer and closer to my mouth. Gasping, grunting, ignoring the water that passed over my lips, I moved my head to him, my mouth opening wide, letting the thickness of him slide over my lips and into my mouth. Closing around his cock, I bit down behind the crown, my tongue licking the phantom cockhead. My body was vibrating, shaking the water all around me, the heat youngest shocking models of my body contrasting with the coolness of the water, imaginary steam rising all around me as my orgasm nude rap model began to build in my body. Suddenly, the stars exploded and my orgasm hit hard, my arms and legs thrashing around the waters, my hands clutching my dream lovers, my come spurting from my body, a large puddle of thick, white come floating along on the water, soon passing by my head.Shaking, I stood in european nude models the water for a few moments before climbing out of the pool. I glanced back, watching the thick white puddle in the water, wondering what the pool boy would think upon his arrival tomorrow morning. I entered the villa and locked the sliders, returning to my computer and checked a few things for the coming day. Before climbing back into bed for a few hours of sleep, I chick model australia placed a call to New York City."Hi, Mommy," the tiny, squeaky voice of my baby, my little six year old, came floating across the thousands of miles to my waiting ears."Hi, Baby. How do you do that? How do you know it's me?" I asked."Oh, Mommy! I always know when it's you. I can just tell, that's all," she teased. I could almost see the little touval as I spoke."Well, you're spooky, little tadpole," I laughed, listening to her giggle through the lines. "And, I'm counting on you to use your superpowers to protect your sisters and your Daddy while I'm away. nn mature models Supergirl must always be on her guard. Right?" I asked."Right! Bye, Mommy. Here's Daddy. I love you," she cried and handed the phone to Ryan before I could say good bye."Hi, sweetheart," his sonorous tones oozed through the telephone lines. "How's Acapulco without me?""Boring, my sweet illegal latina models hubby. Really boring without you. I wish you could have arranged your schedule to be able to make this trip with me, darling. It could have been so romantic. I shall be home on Friday evening."Within minutes of hanging up, I was asleep, snoring, I'm sure. When I'm really exhausted, I've been told I do that. Three hours later, the sound of knocking awakened me. Throwing a robe around my tired body, I trotted down the stairs to the door and opened it. Filling the doorway was a gorgeous hunk, Latin eyes flashing, a broad chest and flexing arm muscles showing in a very tight T shirt, a tray of breakfast treats in hand. Leaving a few moments later, a nice tip and nothing else other than a blatant calinda teen model erection in his pocket, I was left with breakfast coffee, orange juice and a large bowl of fruit slices.After a long, luxurious shower, I dressed casually in a gold cotton shirt tucked into extremely tight white slacks and deck shoes. I put a single strand diamond necklace around my throat, snapped on my Rolex sport watch and dashed for the door. Waiting at my door was my pure white jeep, soaking up the warmth of the Mexican sun. Driving down the winding road toward the main complex, I reviewed my plans for the meeting in my mind. In the light of day, I had to marvel at Alexia's La Mans run wild nude models up these twisting roads. We did survive, didn't we? I entered the nearly empty lounge and placed my bag on a table near the water's edge. Only a few hardy souls were up and eating at this time of the morning, so I pretty much had had my teenage internet models choice of tables. I walked to the buffet table and helped myself to more fruit and a single strip of bacon, my one single supermodels it vice (today). When I returned to my table, coffee and bottled water models toplist tgp were waiting for me and I sat down to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Before long, I was joined by several others from the firm, including the Director of the Japanese branch of the company. A very handsome, very gentlemanly man with extremely intelligent eyes and a very sophisticated manner with whom I immediately felt comfortable.Others approached, some sat, most were unwelcome. Their cloying mannerisms were offensive as were their constant flirtations. Of course, my child naturists models manner of dress had something to do with it, but that was no excuse. All were marked into my little mind book on the executive staff. And, then, Yukio approached.As most of my fans know, I do have a particular penchant sandi lily model for Asian woman. Actually, I've only known one - my Little Sister, Linda. Yukio was the exact image that I would have anticipated for a professional Japanese woman, possessed of a presence that took a room by storm (a little like me, of course.). Tall by Japanese standards, perhaps 5'5" and slender, she was absolutely breathtaking. Her eyes were the dominant feature of a beautiful doll-like face. Huge, dark, doe- like eyes, almond shaped, liquid and penetrating, they seemed to see through you to your soul. Her hair was pure black airstream model and straight, offsetting her sallow skin. She wore it swept into a long thick pony tail that, at that moment, was carefully wrapped around her head. Her lips were small, cupid bow lips, with a large, petulant lower lip. Her neck was extremely long, wrapped in a three strand pearl necklace. She wore a white silk blouse, open to the cleave of her breasts, tucked into white jeans that were wrapped around her perfectly shaped butt, tight enough fashion topless model to almost make out the cleave of her vulva.As Yukio approached our table, she again surprised me by ignoring Japanese custom to walk directly up to me, her slender hand outstretched, her eyes fixed on mine, a slight bow in deference to my position as one of the seven top executives in the company."Such an honor to meet you, Ms. Hilliard. You have been such a heroine and an inspiration to myself and the other women of our teen model panties branch," she said, her voice almost a whisper, a soft musical interlude that seemed destined to play over and over again in my mind. I noticed a sideward glance toward her branch director, but the strength of her appearance overrode any untoward deference."It's my pleasure. Please, join us for breakfast," I said, offering her a seat opposite me. A tad unsure, she took the seat after free ones supermodels it was taken and held quite graciously by the director of her branch. For the next half hour, I took occasional notice of her daintily picking at a small bowl of melon balls. As the director of public relations, Yukio held an extremely high and valuable position in a Japanese firm, a tribute to her talent and sophistication to excel so in Japan, a nation whose firms still hinder the advancement of women, angels models pics despite our best corporate efforts.The meeting started at ten and lasted for four non-stop hours as we discussed policy, personnel and the plans that I had developed for the Asian Rim. Surprisingly, there was far less discord than I had anticipated, since women are not customarily given that much thought here. I was wrong and I apologize. Everything went extremely well. I was concentrating hard on business, but I felt Yukio's eyes on me. Constantly. Whenever I glanced in her direction, her eyes locked with mine for just a split second, then quickly deferred. Powerful eyes that drew me into her. I must admit I found it flattering, albeit a bit disconcerting. The meeting went so smoothly we were able to close early, with several hours left to relax before the planned dinner party at seven in the main complex. I left after shaking hands with everyone and walked to my jeep. A few hours in the pool or the private sauna were on my agenda for this afternoon. I drove down the driveway and around a quick bend to the street. And, almost ran over Yukio.Yukio had just stepped from the curb and seemed to have been lost in thought as I approached. She stood, almost afraid to move, directly in the path of my jeep, her bag on her slender, perfect shoulder, her arms at her sides. The sun reflected off her dark, almost black glasses as I quickly ground to a halt. I sat staring at her, waiting for her to move. Finally, she walked around to the passenger side of the jeep and swung her long, slender legs into the car. Without a word, I adult kid model drove away. I glanced at her, sitting there so quietly, her arms wrapped around her bag, staring straight ahead. But, her hands, fingers constantly moving, gave her nervousness away."Which one is your villa?" I asked her, my eyes on a road filled with people walking, jeeps moving all over the road."Oh! I'm so sorry. Please turn at the next intersection, Ms. Hilliard. My place is at the end of the road. I do not know what is the matter with me. I am not as easily flustered as I am today," she said, her soft voice again tickling that little place deep inside my soul."It's Randi, Yukio," I said. "Are you all right? You seem . . . a little pensive, nervous," I said, turning off onto the road to her villa."Strange. Why does my name sound so different when you say it, Ms. Hill . . . Randi," she said, the first light-hearted words to escape her lips since we'd met. "And, I . . . I have a confession to make to you. You upset me. I am having a great deal of confusion. You seem to play boy models be so . . . unusual. I've been waiting for so long to meet you. You are the idol of all the women at our branch. But, I feel somewhat . . . afraid of you. I am sorry."I pulled into the driveway of her villa, a much smaller version of my own. As I stopped the car, I turned to her, watching her remove her glasses and turn to me. God, those eyes are so unusual, so . . . dark and beautiful. I can see golden flecks floating in the black irises."Yukio, fear isn't an option where I'm concerned," I said. "For heavens sake, I' m just a woman. Gorgeous, gregarious, sensual, intelligent, perhaps brilliant, to be sure. But, not an object to be feared," I laughed.Goodness! Her face broke! A genuine, toothy smile crossed her face, her perfect, pure white teeth, her head dipping in a sort of modified little bow. "Now, that is so much better," I said, reaching across the seat to touch the pads of my fingers to her cheek. She stiffened at my touch, but did not pull away. Nor did her smile diminish. I let my fingers move around her delicate face to cup her chin, then up behind her head to lace through her soft, lustrous hair."Is this what you were afraid of? My touch? Perhaps," I continued, drawing her face closer to mine, my lips touching her prominent cheek bone, " this is what you're afraid of."I felt Yukio shudder at the touch of my lips to her cheek, watched her hand come up to touch mine. Her unease was palpable as she hesitatingly caressed my cheek. I reached up to take her hand in mind and gently kissed the softness of the back of her hand. Staring into her eyes, I let my lips gently brush against hers. A feathery kiss, like the wings of a butterfly, her body shuddering."That, my darling Yukio, is the most you have to fear from me," I whispered into her tiny, shell of an ear. teen models ls I reached across her and opened the door for her. She looked at me with a quizzical gaze, then slowly slipped from the ann rozelle model car. "Oh, one more thing, Yukio. I was very, very impressed by your presentation. Be sure to let your people scottish teen models in Tokyo know that I felt their preparatory work was outstanding. playtoy model I'll send a memo to that effect to include all members of the board.. See you this evening," I smiled as I pulled away from her villa. Glancing into the rear view mirror, I saw Yukio standing there, staring after me, an ever diminishing ivory statue standing, atv model stunned, watching me amateur southern models drive out of sight.At exactly seven o'clock, I screeched to a halt at the entrance to the main complex, ,jumped down and tossed my keys to the valet. As I entered, I felt eyes on me, well within my alex models expectations, of course. I'd dressed for it. A white lace Vera Wang teeb bikini model dress that ended a third of the way down my thighs, hugging each and every curve, with just enough thickness in appropriate areas to mask the fact that I wore nothing underneath. Barley kissing the edges of my shoulders, the dress stopped at the bottom of my cleavage. A single strand of milky white pearls, and several rings, most prominently my wedding and engagement ring and my Rolex and dangling diamond earrings finished my outfit.The dinner was spectacular, with champagne and delicious food. I danced with most of the men, loving the fact that they drooled. Sometimes, I can be such a bitch! Fat chance, of course. But, it certainly made for an interesting evening. Yukio sat across the floor from me with some of the other women, her eyes locked on underwear models males me the entire evening. Her slender, beautiful body was encased in a beautiful, black and very tight mini dress, her long legs bare. She had loosened her pony tail and swirled it from a peak high upon her head down over her bare shoulder. Her silver sandals made her appear much taller. Later that evening, I joined her table and sat with the other women for hours, listening to their words, their complaints, their concerns. And, their competence.At almost midnight, I pakistani girls models was exhausted. tiger teen model Acting like a prima donna, I made the rounds, making my excuses having to do with telephone calls and an Internet conference call to New York and left. I asked for my jeep and waited patiently as it was brought around. I hopped aboard and drove off into the brilliantly starlit night.I pulled up before the entrance to my villa and parked. I unlocked the door and entered, feeling very much alone at that moment. I really wanted Ryan more than anything right now. I walked to the coffee table before the great fireplace and turned on my Bose. I slid a CD for Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto, a recording by Horowitz, and let the beautiful, masterful strokes of his fingers fill my mind with thoughts of better times to come. I live for the day when the family international consulting firm can escape the mundane and the lonely traveling.I stopped my traipsing, staring up at the many skylights above, watching the flashing stars against the blackness of the sky, bordered by the pure white of the great room, stark and breathtaking. I walked up the stairs to the bedroom and undressed, putting on my favorite kimono. I walked back down the stairs to the sliders and stepped out onto the deck, loving the feel of the hardwood against my toesies. Staring at the stars and ls modelz the enormous Mexican moon, I breathed deeply, tasting the smells, the warmth. The glow and magnificence of Acapulco Bay was breathtaking.I walked the stairs to the pool and noticed that the staff had strewn more flower petals onto the surface. So beautiful, I thought. And, so thoughtful considering the little foamy package I'd left for the cleanup crew last valeta teen model evening. I walked to the edge of the pool and removed my hot model tits kimono, dropping it to the nearby chaise. Standing beside the pool, naked, feeling the stare of billions of blinking eyes on me, I dived neatly into the water. The cold, fresh smelling water refreshed my mind as I swam the length of the pool and back, stopping for a moment to catch my breath before perteen models repeating the trek. Finally, I stopped and rested my arms on the edge of the pool, my face against them, breathing deeply. As I opened my eyes, I saw the silver sandals, their high heels so slender. Gazing up, I saw her beautiful face, the moonlight reflected in her eyes.."Hello," Yukio whispered. "I . . . I hope you will pardon my intrusion. I felt a bit . . . Lonely," she said, glancing around nervously. "I . . ." she began. "Not necessary, Yukio," I whispered, smiling. "You're welcome here. At any time. Would you care to join me?" I asked, kicking off from the side of the pool, floating on my back, my body exposed beneath the waters."Oh. Oh, well, no, I don't think . . ." Yukio hesitated, her mind in turmoil, an odd feeling for one in her position. "I . . ." she started again, her eyes on mine, watching the slow smile cross my face. I said nothing, waiting for her to determine her course of action. Looking away, she backed up a few steps. Then, turned her back. She reached behind her and drew down the zipper of her black mini dress. With a shrug, it fell around her ankles.My breath caught in my throat as I watched Yukio's dress fall away. Like me, she had worn no underwear and was totally naked with the exception of her sandals. Stepping down from them, she reached up to release her pony tail, letting her long, thick black hair fall over her shoulders.Oh! Wow! I know, I know. Incongruous. But, no other word could possibly describe her perfection. I felt as if I were watching Linda, my little sister, undress, albeit a slightly shorter version. Nonetheless, utterly magnificent. Her ass was perfectly formed, rounded, smooth, soft, atop long, slender, beautifully formed legs. And, then she turned to face me and my heart stopped for a long moment.Her hands crossed before her body, I was gazing at a magnificent porcelain doll of absolutely perfect proportions. Her small, perfectly rounded breasts, her coffee-colored areolas the size of half dollars, centered by darker, beautiful, perfect nipples. Her concave abdomen, with a slightly protruding tummy, her hands separated, revealing pretty kid model a perfectly smooth, shaven triangle between her legs. An Asian beauty, a taller Linda. little innocent models I felt the water in the pool begin to irritate my cunt lips as they became inflamed at the sight little models photo of her beauty.I reached out my hands to Yukio. She hesitated for only a moment, then stepped to the edge of the pool, her tiny feet perched on the edge. Her arms angled above her head, she leaped into the water, her body slicing the water with a minimum of splash. A moment later, she emerged, a water nymph of unblemished perfection, standing on the floor of the pool three feet from me. I watched, spellbound, as the water droplets fell from her now-rock hard nipples, strands of her hair filtering her eyes from me. She started to speak, silenced by my single index finger to her lips. My fingers gently moved the strands of hair from her face, revealing those all important eyes. No words were needed, now as I took her face between my hands and stared deeply into her beautiful eyes. Her hands gently touched my forearms, her fear palpable, a new sensation for this magnificent creature. For the first time in her life, she stood, touching another woman, a naked woman.I slowly brought Yukio's face towards mine until our lips touched. A sharp intake of breath, Yukio stood, eyes closed, as I rained gentle little kisses on her lips, teasing their softness. As my tongue made contact with her lips, a loud moan filtered down through the silence of the pool. Her mouth slowly opened, allowing my entrance. My tongue touched hers at the exact moment that our nipples touched, eliciting a sustained groan, followed by her arms reaching around my neck, holding on to me for dear life. Slowly, Yukio pulled back from me, her hands holding onto my upper arms. She stared into my eyes, her fear having been replaced by anticipation."I'm so frightened. I'm so frightened of my feelings. Most of all, I'm frightened that I will disappoint you," her words spent with a tremor in her voice."Darling, beautiful woman," I whispered, my hand caressing the softness of her cheek. "How could you ever disappoint me? We stopped being company employees the moment you stood at the edge of the pool. This is just between us two girls. Just having you this close is pleasure aplenty for me, my sweet beauty," I added, brushing another loose strand of her hair from her eyes. "I came to Acapulco to impress you and our director with my abilities and our plans. Never in my life did I expect the sudden rush of feelings when I met you. The thought of being with anyone other than my husband is beyond my ken. With a woman it is not only beyond me, it is unthinkable. Yet, the moment I saw you earlier at breakfast, I felt . . . something. Something very special. Obviously. Everyone at home speaks about you, reveres you. But, when I saw you, I just had this feeling . . .""First of all, you have impressed me," I interrupted, suddenly feeling outside my usual comfort zone. "I was also impressed with your director. A very capable manager, as you also seem to be. But, my beautiful new friend, I'm starting to get a bad feeling. I would never compromise a subordinate. God, I don't want you to leave. african model nude But, at the same time, I don't want to make you feel obligated in some way. As I said, we're no longer employees. We've . . . evolved."Wading to the edge of the pool, I vaulted from the water and walked to the chaise and slipped my kimono over my shoulders. I lowered my head and wrapped my towel around my wet hair and threw my head back, my turban in place. Turning back to the pool, I saw Yukio standing where I'd left her, her young models renee beautiful, huge almond shaped eyes watching me intently, her perfect body bobbing in the water. God! What am I an idiot or what?I walked back to the edge of the pool, knelt and held out my liddy teen model hand to her. Tentatively, she reached for my hand and climbed from the pool. She took a step and suddenly slipped, falling into my arms, knocking both of onto the chaise lounge. I looked into her gorgeous eyes, watching the fear that she had hurt play angel models me flash through them, and began to laugh. I grabbed her luscious face between my hands and kissed her hard and long, tasting the sweetness of her saliva, the coarseness of her tongue, the perfection of her pearly white teeth. Her hands cupped my face, pulling my mouth tighter onto hers. Finally, we broke the kiss, our breaths coming in a series of short gasps. Staring into her eyes, I had this sudden premonition that my bed would be quite warm this evening. Her sudden smile, her tiny little laugh and the flash of her eyes assured me that this small model airplanes would indeed be a special night..I slid from beneath Yukio and took her hand. Together, we dashed up the stairs, laughing at our clumsiness and our raging hormones and ran through the sliders and up the stairs. I let her lead because I wanted a look at that fabulous ass as it wiggled up the stairs, my face scant inches behind (sorry for bernardelli model 69 that pun!). As we reached the bed, I grabbed her from behind, pulling her lithe body back against my own. Shrugging, I let my kimono fall to the floor and pulled her back against me, letting my red bush rub against her ass, feeling those marvelous ass cheeks against me. I kissed the soft flesh at the back of her neck, feeling her shudder in my arms. I turned her around to face me."Last chance, my beautiful geisha," I whispered, watching the bewitching almond eyes stare at my breasts, abercrombie model nude my nipples already hardening under her gaze. "Once you cross the Rubicon, you will never feel the same again.""I am frightened, Randi. I want so much to touch you. To have you touch me. But, I am frightened. russian sister models But, I want you to make love to me," Yukio whispered, a tear forming in the corner of her eye. Tentatively, her hand reached out to touch my breast, but I intercepted it, held it, brought it to my lips, gently kissing it."I'm going to please you now," I whispered, her giant eyes glistening as I stared at her, sensing her natural desire to baby model teen dominate. I sensed her strength, both physical and of will, yet forced my will on her, leading her to the bed, my eyes locked with hers."I'm going to make love to you. I'm going to touch you as you've never been sherri child model touched. I'm going to kiss and lick every single part of your beautiful body. I will make your nonude model teens head swim as my tongue touches parts of your body you didn't even realize you had. In short, my magnificent Oriental beauty, I am going to fuck your brains out," I stage whispered, my face scant inches from hers. I watched her eyes widen at my deliberate choice of words, words chosen to shock. And, then, I watched her lips slowly curl into a sensuous smile, totally willing, totally anxious. I knelt beside her on the huge bed and stared down at my treasure, truly seeing my Asian beauty for the first time, feeling that familiar tingling deep inside my body. My god! Her skin was perfection, absolutely without blemish. As I stared at her perfectly rounded breasts, her raised areolas and nipples grew larger and harder under my gaze. The pure animal lust and power of this lithe, magnificent creature radiated from her large, almond shaped eyes into my soul. My gaze traveled down the concavity of her abdomen, the slightly protrusion of her tummy, the long, flowing perfection of her thighs, her knees, her calves. And, my eyes were inevitably drawn to the pure, smooth, shaven cunt, her lips moist, a clear juice flowing, thickening, whitening as I watched. I felt that tingling in the back, lower corners of my mouth, that feeling when a favorite flavor is present, felt the tingle in my nostrils at the scent of her, a scent of honey. A flow, a shocking little models scent brought forth by a woman. For a woman. For the first time in her life. For me.Gently, I took Yukio's hands and pulled her to a sitting position directly opposite me, smiling my most beatific smile, watching her smile back, her perfect cupid's bow lips curled around perfect, shiny white teeth. I moved closer to my beautiful geisha, our legs intertwined, porn models male luxuriating in the feel of her velvety smooth thighs against mine. I could feel her nervousness flowing through our contact. I reached across and gently cupped her small, beautiful breasts in my hands, gently lifting them, squeezing them, moving them around her chest, llmodelscom the first woman to touch her sexually other than herself. I watched her head fall backwards, her eyes closed, felt her holding her breath, then a tiny murmur. Simply, "Oh . . .".With the strapon models air conditioning turned off, the stillness was total, with the exception of mellissa nude model a slight breeze filtering in through the open bedroom window. A slight layer of perspiration had begun to coat her body as well as mine. The air in the room was now thick with our playboymodels scent, a scent of passion that surely had to have her entranced. And, I knew it was ethiopia model time for Yukio to be brought to the next plateau. Slowly, reluctantly, I dropped my hands from her breasts and picked up her hands. I brought them to my lips, kissing each palm before teensnaked model picture bringing them down to cup my breasts.Yukio's head flew forward, her eyes opening wide, staring down at her hands holding my breasts, the first woman's breasts she had ever touched in passion in her life."Oh, my God," she whispered, her hands moving of their own accord. "So soft . . . So beautiful . . . I . . . I had no idea . . . ," she murmured.I returned my touch to her soft, beautiful mounds, molding them in the shape of my hands, feeling her nipples hardening in my palms, watching her eyes as they stared at my breasts. I watched as her fingers traced the surfaces of my breasts, hesitatingly touched my areolas, my hardened nipples. I pinched her nipples, rolling them, pulling on them."Oh! My God," Yukio whispered. The sound of her gasp echoed in my ears as I felt the air in the bedroom become even thicker, become heavy with the scent of my own juices. I felt a flush on my face and body, painfully aware of the spasms that wracked my body and hers. Her hands were mesmerized by my breasts"They're so beautiful . . . so perfect . . . ," Yukio whispered, her fingers gently touching the softness of my breasts, drawing little circles all around their size. I cried aloud as her fingers gently circled my nipples, touching the pale skin and the darker caps that surrounded my bright red nipples. Unable to resist, her mouth opened as her lips surrounded my right nipple and sucked it into her mouth. Crying aloud, my hand came down to the top model sex back of her head, drawing her closer as she sucked as much of my breast into her mouth as she could. Her fingers reached for my other breast, pinching the length of my nipple, pulling on it, drawing it out as far as she could without hurting me.Gently, I removed her mouth from my breast. "Oh, no, please," Yukio pleaded, her hands reaching to retake her treasures "I want . . ." she complained"No, no, my beautiful friend," I whispered. "You must wait. I'm going to make love to you now. Your first time must be outside the limits of time. Complete Total. On and on and on until you beg me child model galleri for release, beg for me to let your body go," I said, my lips gently pecking on her long, regal neck, little touches from my tongue tapping against her skin. I felt her shudder at my words and my tongue as I gently urged her onto her back, a moan slipping from her throat.My lips loved down to Yukio's shoulders, the alabaster skin shining in the heat of our passion, tangy to the taste. Tiny, delicate little kisses to her skin, my tongue tracing a line connecting each real models naked patterned her skin with my saliva as I moved to her long, slender arm. I kissed the super child modeling length of her raised arm, down to her elbow, kissing the soft flesh at the back. My lips continued down her forearm, touching her wrist, feeling the strength of her pulse against my tongue. Further, tasting the saltiness of the palm of her hand, each long, slender finger. Back, now, up the inner side of her arm, licking the soft, fresh skin, to her armpit."Oh, my God, what are you doing? Please . . .", Yukio cried, her head rocking left, right, her body heaving as I continued my delicate torture. Across her chest to her other arm, kissing, licking, sucking on each finger, each intersection of flesh and sinew.Her beautiful little breasts beckoned my lips. So perfect, so round, her dark areolas and nipples erect and waiting. I gently kissed the soft flesh of her left breast, licked the soft areola, circling the pencil eraser-shaped nipple, teasing the hard tip with my tongue. Screams of ecstasy filled the room, my little Asian lover begging me for more. I took the nipple between my teeth, gently biting, chewing, feeling her hands on my face, pulling me closer and closer. I moved on to her other breast, repeating my torturous laving, biting, sucking. Yukio was now experiencing mini orgasms as her body began to spasm.I model river section touched the firmness of Yukio's sides, down to her gently flaring hips, caressing the delicate, soft skin, my mouth never leaving her breasts. I caressed the velvety smoothness of her hips, down her thighs, first the outer surfaces, then the tops. Leaving her breasts, I raised her right leg, kissing the soft fullness of her thigh, to her knee. I licked and kissed the soft, sensitive flesh teen model studs behind her knee, over her calf, her ankle, to her foot. One by one, I sucked and bit her toes, chewing on each, like tiny little cocks. Yukio was shaking uncontrollably now, her mini orgasms already beginning to meld."Please, I need you now . . ." Yukio cried, her strength totally gone, waiting for me. Smiling, I placed her leg atop my shoulder and lifted her left leg."Oh, no. Please . . ." Yukio cried as I began licking the length of the bottom of her foot. Smiling again, I began sucking on each toe, biting them, watching her writhe under my ministrations. Slowly, carefully, I made love to her leg until, black model gallery at last, I rested between her thighs, her softness pressed against my cheeks. I stared straight ahead, into the nexus of Yukio's being, the center of her body, between her thighs. I watched as her naked cunt spasmed, her lips opening and closing, her preeen model forum juices flowing from her, thick, rich white cream."Randi, please," Yukio begged. "I need you so much. Please. Please," her whimpering barely audible. I licking the ultra softness of her inner thighs, tasting the juices that had dripped down well past the center of her sex. Squealing as if in agony, Yukio slowly spread her thighs, opening her pussy to my view. I watched the glistening portal open, her thick lips shining with her love moisture. The smell was overpowering as I moved closer and closer, lifting her thighs from the bed and over each of my shoulders. I gently lifted her thighs higher and higher until not only her entire, delicious pussy, but her child supermodels galleries tiny, smooth and open ass, her tiny rosebud winking in delight for me."Randi, Randi, please little person model . . .", asian bbw models Yukio begged, not certain of what she was begging for. "Please . . ."Finally, my tongue touched the wonderful area beneath her thighs where her ass cheeks began, pushing into that depression of her body, bringing squeals of hysteria from her mouth. I began to lick the tender area between her thigh and her pussy, rubbing the flat of my tongue all over. First one side, then the other. She arched her hips toward me, begging me to take her.My hands slid beneath Yukio, cupping her soft, firm and smooth ass, my hands squeezing her cheeks tightly, rolling them around and pulling them apart, furthering exposing her rosebud to my prying eyes. Completely hairless, it wasn't pink or brown, just a blend slightly darker than her skin color, wet with her leaking juices, beckoning my tongue. But, later. For now, my hands returned to the softness of her thighs, my mouth blowing gently on her soaked pussy.Finally, the tip of my tongue touched the bottom of Yukio's pussy slit, mere amanda one model inches from her darling rosebud. A loud scream left her mouth at my touch, followed quickly by a lurch from her pelvis and a renewed flow of juice. I let my tongue trace a path along her pussy slit, further, to the top, my fingers now spreading her lips wide.Yukio's clitoris stood long and rock hard, red as a beet, wrapped in it's little blanket, glistening with her flowing juices. I placed my teeth around that nubbin, biting down, flicking the tip with my tongue. A loud scream hit my ears, despite being scissored by her thighs as Yukio thrust her cunt hard against my face."Oh, my God! I'm . . . oh, my loving god, Randi!!" Yukio shrieked, her orgasm rocking the bed with its intensity, her hands holding me tight against her. I slid my mouth lower, thrusting my tongue deep into her dripping pussy hole, her come spurting out of her, deep into my mouth. I drank it, swallowed it, savored it as my fingers joined my tongue deep inside her body. She kept rocking and screaming her passion until, bereft of fluids, she collapsed. I continued sucking and licking Yukio until she could no longer move."Oh, my God, my God . . . verry petite models What have you done to me?" Yukio whimpered as I moved up alongside her, drawing her face against my breast, my hands gently caressing her, soothing her, bringing her down from her explosive high."I have never experienced anything even close to that, Randi. Is it always so intense?" Yukio's brilliant eyes, drawn wide with wonder, bore into mine. I could feel her heart racing and xxx models piss knew that her mind was not at young models nn all far behind."Ummmmm. I think so, little geisha," I whispered, my fingers teasing a long strand of her hair that had fallen across one eye. "Of course, the intensity is increased beyond the physical by the emotional and intellectual relationship.""I'm so happy to be with you, Randi. You have made me feel so wonderful," Yukio murmured, her soft cheek resting against my shoulder. I could smell the scent of Jasmine in christina model dailymotion her soft, lustrous hair, the softness of her lips as she kissed my skin. Slowly, she raised her beautiful face to stare into my eyes. The more I stared at her, the more she reminded me of a porcelain statuette of a Japanese goddess that sat on a special place in my home in New York."Randi . . . lalana model pictures may I . . . may I make love to you, now?" Yukio's eyes lowered as she said the words I'd wanted to hear, that it was her idea and not mine."Only if you truly wish, my little one. You owe me nothing. Making love to you has been pleasure enough for me," I whispered, my fingers teasing the outer shell of her tiny, perfect ear.Yukio smiled, a beatific smile that tugged at my heart and began to kiss my shoulder. Tiny, simple little kisses that teased the surface of my skin, her tiny tongue licking along the way from my shoulder to my chest. I know she was headed for my breasts and turned fully onto my back. For her. For Yukio.I felt Yukio's small, slender hand gently, tentatively, touch my left breast, gently squeezing it, feeling it's softness, feeling my hard nipple against her palm."Yukio," I whispered. "I won't break. You needn't be so gentle."In answer, Yukio began to kiss my right breast in tempo with her fingers on my other, her kisses and tongue working all over me, my areola, my nipple, firmly sucked into her tiny mouth. Her murmurs around my nipple sent sensations coursing throughout my body as I felt europea teen model her fingers becoming tiny models kid more demanding on my body. Suddenly, she swung her long, smooth thigh across my body, straddling me, her bald, perfect cunt pushing against my abdomen. I watched her marvelous face as she stared at my breasts, her hands holding them, squeezing model teens blue harder, rolling them around on my chest. Her fingers pinched my nipples, pulling on them as she rocked to and fro on my tummy, her wetness coating me, her heat burning my flesh."Oh, God, Randi. The feel of your body is so . . . different. So . . . wonderful. teen modell gallery I've missed so much until now," she whispered. I could feel her body small model houses heating up, her breath coming in shorter gasps now. I could also feel the beginnings of mini orgasms that would soon merge into a wonderful, all-encompassing orgasm.Leaning down, Yukio kissed once again at my breasts, first one, then the other, her tongue leaving a wet trail down over my tummy, stopping to taste, deep inside, the warmth of my belly button. Her hands slid down my sides, relishing the smoothness of my skin, mentally comparing it to the men she'd known.I felt Yukio's lips touch the softness of my hips before she suddenly stopped. I looked down, watching her eyes grow wide as she stared, from a few inches away, at my trimmed red bush. My legs were slightly spread, giving her access to my cunt, my wet, hot cunt. Her eyes closed as she smelled my scent. With a sudden cry, she dropped her face to me, feeling the roughness of my hair against her cheek, my come coating her perfect complexion. As I lifted my knees, Yukio slid between them and kissed my pussy lips.I could feel her body shake as she suddenly pressed her face hard into me, her tongue sliding out to the depths of me, into my hole, touching everything, like a woman possessed. I listened to the mewling sounds that escaped her throat as she threw herself into me, sucking, biting, licking, her hands holding tight to my hips as she began to drive me to the edge of the ravine. Her fingers wet, she reached down beneath me, as I had done to her, and touched the buttery softness of my asshole. In her heat, her two fingers thrust deep into my asshole, deep, moving around and around, touching the walls of my rectum, moving in time with her thrusting tongue. I could no longer hold still under her assault, my body moving instinctively, my cunt grinding into her face, back against the invading fingers inside my asshole.Suddenly, it was there. An enormous, monumental explosion of an orgasm so intense and hot that each and every muscle and nerve of my body began to convulse, spasms driving my pussy so hard into her mouth that the cascading spurt from my cunt poured into her, filling her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and continued, never easing up, continuing long after all I had was spent.The following evening would be our last together. But, now, she was looking to learn and grow and . . . but, that will be another, future story. Look for Randi XXIV in the near future! Please send comments and suggestions to my toni526 hotmail address:
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